Monday, 14 July 2014

Review: Indulge
From Goodreads:

Logan West’s life is anything but ideal.

Mindless sex, tedious business ventures, and the occasional poker game keep him occupied, but he only lives for one thing: fatherhood.

Oliver, Logan’s three-year-old son, is his entire world. Raising him alone, Logan finds his only joy in spending time giving Oliver the childhood he deserves. But every other weekend, he allows himself the chance to live as a man—a man with deeper desires. Logan knows what he likes, what he wants, and what he needs. He has no interest in dating and believes there’s no risk worth taking for romance, but his casual sexual escapes rarely leave him satisfied.

It takes an unexpected decision from his sister Julia and a road trip to the small town of Harmony with his best friend, Caleb, to open Logan’s eyes to new opportunities outside his programmed world. Its not what he expects, but Logan’s always looking to indulge.

**This can be read as the first in the Harmony series or anytime during the series. It is not a mandatory read to enjoy the series, simply a companion read. This novella is Logan's story of how he ended up living in Harmony and right next door to the woman that would forever change his life.**

My Thoughts:

What can I say about this book? I went against the grain and read the prequel before attempting the rest of the series. I haven't decided if that was a good idea or a bad one. For all the rave reviews I hear about the remainder of the books, I had mixed feelings about this one.
Logan is a hottie. There is no mistake about that one. I mean, a single dad (and an AMAZING one at that, ladies) who runs big businesses and still manages to keep his life sort of together after the mother of his child just up and left him and his son all alone? It definitely takes a one of a kind man to get through something like that. I give him a hell of a lot of credit there!
His playboy attitude? Yeah, I kind of get it. I mean, he uses his time without his son to get his needs met without forming any type of relationship with the women he uses. Yes, I use the term "uses" because that's what he does. He finds his conquest, ravages her wherever he can find a spot and then leaves her like a used napkin on a diner table. Sure, I get that he has been hurt in the past and doesn't want to form connections....but seriously? The way Logan views his women and goes after them, with the help of his friend Caleb ('cause every guy needs a wingman, right?) just makes him seem like an ass to me. I have the impression of a guy who wants to get as many notches in his bedpost as he can find the time to and he doesn't really make any impression otherwise. There's just something unsettling about that in my opinion.
Now, this is just a prequel and I am thoroughly interested in finishing the series and see if my mind will change about him. I sincerely hope it does. I loved the storyline, I adored the characters....I definitely have a sweet spot for Logan's sister Julia and how she cares so much for her big brother. My heart broke when Natasha left Logan and Oliver all alone, although I really think they were better off without her. The way I was so involved in the storyline really makes me want more.
If Graham can get me hooked into a story, even though I am not overly fond of the lead right yet, I really can not wait to see what she has in store for me with the next one!
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Oh...and as if you needed another reason to check out this author, Book 1 in the Harmony series, Inevitable is FREE at the time of this posting!!!!!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Review: The Flip

From Goodreads: Julie and Brad Evans are house flippers. They buy low, clean out the old occupants junk, and try to make a profit. Enter Hemmings House on Bedlam Street in scenic Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. Too good a deal to pass up, but with an ominous secret. The old Victorian Mansion has dwellers that do not want to be dispossessed. As the house reveals it's past, will the couples marriage survive The Flip?


I freaking LOVE HGTV. I watch these house flipping shows and can only imagine that sort of lifestyle. Buying something old, cleaning it up and then turning it around for a nice little profit before starting the next project. To me....that seems like a labor of love. But what about the previous owners? What happened to all the history and the old stories from all those who lived there before you got to it? No one ever mentions them....until now.

When Brad and Julie purchase a beautiful Victorian mansion on Long Island, they have no idea what's in store for them. Julie loves the dated d├ęcor and the way walking into the home sends you back to a time of elegance. Brad thinks the house is more work than it's worth and can not wait to get rid of it. I think Brad may have a point.

What neither of them know, is that deep inside the house are the spirits with a deep history in the house and are not interested in matter what the cost!

We have two unique love stories mixed in with this ghostly thriller and I find that quite amazing. On one hand, you have a married couple who have put everything into a home they don't agree on, leaving their marriage on the rocks. On the other, a ghostly duo who's unrequited love had withstood the tests of time. Their relationships with each other, as well as the home that brought them together, make for an intriguing read that leaves the reader wanting more!

Cash has brought to life a story that not only keeps you on the edge of your seat, but leaves you thinking. He has brought to life characters and history in an amazingly quick and easy read.

I did find that the ending left a little to be desired, but was overall impressed with the book. I love any book that draws me in completely and makes me forget the world around me. This was definitely that book!

If you are looking for a great, fun, quick read.....get on this book! Or any other of Michael Phillip Cash's novels. They are well worth the read!! Seriously....go buy it :)    

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Happy reading guys!!!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Review: The Suicide Princess

From Amazon: "Not your mother's old romance, this is a romantic-thriller that will leave you breathless and have you begging for more..."

Stephanie Bradford is a young, attractive, and successful District Attorney on her way to the top. She has the near-perfect life, with an amazing husband, and she has it all in the palm of her hand. When her marriage falls into a romantic rut, Stephanie is skillfully swooned by a charming, mysterious and intriguing stranger who looks to be the answer to all of her fantasies. A whirlwind and exciting affair quickly spirals out of control, and before long, she learns that things aren’t always as they appear and people are rarely who they seem. One poor decision becomes the catalyst for a series of events that rips her life apart, and Stephanie is left with nothing but the thirst for revenge against the man who viciously stole everything from her. The Suicide Princess is a highly charged roller coaster ride where nothing is as it seems and everything is at stake!

The Suicide Princess is the debut release by breakout author Anthony Bryan. It's the story critics are calling "Breathtaking," "Unbelievably hot," and "It just doesn't get any better!" Find out what all the excitement is about, and get your copy today.

Note: The Suicide Princess is an intoxicating, romantic thriller containing adult language and themes. It is intended only for those readers who are comfortable with such.



*Warning: Before reading this book grab a bottle (or two) of wine, make sure the kids are tucked into bed, send hubby to a guy's night and lock your door. You won't be seen again until at least an hour after the book is finished!!*

*Treat a slut like a lady and treat a lady like a slut*

Let me explain something before I gush....I waited weeks to pick up this book. Let's face it, an a new author and...a GUY no less? This was not going to be good. I honestly probably would not have even given the book a second thought if it wasn't for the feedback I was getting. The Suicide Princess blew up Facebook. I mean it was all I was seeing in my newsfeed! Curiosity finally got the best of me. I HAD to know.

I think my doubts of this new author had really set the stage for where my head was at when I finally sat down to begin. I was not a fan. I remember thinkin', "Those women were nuts. They wouldn't know a good story if it kicked them in the ass. Put the book down, mark it as DNF and find something you know you'll like. Just don't waste your time."  Luckily, I don't give up that easy and trudged through.

Wow! Was I glad I did. When I say I was on a rollercoaster, but in a good way, I mean it! There were twists and turns and leaps and at one point I'm pretty sure there was that guy at the back of the rollercoaster. You know, the big man who is all tough until you get to the highest peak? Then he cries like a little girl for the rest of the way, until the end and then high fives his buddies like nothing went down? Yeah, he was kicking around too. I never know if I wanna punch that guy or just tell him to man the hell up but a rollercoaster just isn't the same without him.

“I want to push every one of your limits. I want to take you right to the edge. Let me take anything I want.”

Anyway, Stephanie is your usual girl in a marriage rut. It happens to all of us. My problem with her is how easily she could just up and hook up with Derrick. I mean, she has a man at home who ADORES her. Sure, their sex life is a little vanilla but that really happens to all of us at some point. She totally could have worked on spicing things up if she tried hard enough. Did she? Nope. She just kinda begins a fling with this hot, sexy as balls stranger and lemme tell ya.....HOLY CRAP!!! The sex scenes in their relationship are just completely out of this world. I wasn't into 50 Shades but this book had me going. Really. To think that Anthony Bryan could steam his pages up the way he did.....amazing!!

What I loved most about this book, was that the author always had that little bit extra to keep you going. It wasn't just the detailed sex scenes. It wasn't just the super sexy (although a bit of a HUGE ass) man candy. It was the plot twist. It takes a lot to surprise me but that really took the cake. I was impressed. Not shiny, sparkly impressed....but "WTF did I just read" impressed!

I have to give kudos to Mr. Bryan. I didn't think he could pull it off but he actually blew me away. I definitely will keep an eye out for his work in the future!!! With that, I leave you with one incredibly important piece of advice:

“Leave your shoes on. Always leave your shoes on.”

Intrigued yet? Get your one-clicker ready and get a copy for yourself. This is one book you won't easily forget!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Introducing.........Lacie Mae!!!!!

So...I am a horrible blogger, but I love reading. I always post my reviews wherever I can on EVERYTHING I read. What the hell is the sense in reading a book if you aren't going to post your thoughts somewhere to help others decide, right?

Since I seem to have soooo many thoughts and not enough time to share them with my followers here, I have decided that I need some help. I have connected with the fabulous Lacie Mae and she will be joining us here to keep the posts coming that I just can not always seem to get to *hangs head in shame and goes to the corner for a time out*.

We have jointly decided to give this blog a makeover (starting with a name change to incorporate my loverly partner in crime) and start introducing some great giveaways and reviews. We may even get in some great challenges and author interviews, because I love them so, so much.

Now, I am outta here to go get some reading  housework done so I will leave you to be formally introduced to the blog-saving Lacie Mae!!!!


Hey everyone!!! Lacie here and let me tell you, I am thrilled to be. I have been dyin' to get my hands on this blog for a while now. I think it needs a little Western touch to make this exactly what Nessa's vision was meant to be! I can not wait to get started!! I have so many ideas that (I think) will be a huge improvement and give all you readers the info, and eye candy *wink, wink*, that you deserve.
First, lemme tell you a bit about myself. No one likes a stranger, right? I am a 26 year old business owner from Alberta, Canada. I am pretty unattached in my love life *read: I haven't dated in a while and named my vibrator* although I do have a very special romance going on with Jon Snow Kit Harington. It may just be in my head right now, but soon he will realize that he just can't live without me. He just doesn't know it yet!!
 I am HUGE animal lover with 3 cats, 2 dogs, an aquarium full of pretty fishes and hopefully I will be acquiring a hedgehog in the near future!! Call me the crazy pet lady. I don't care. These guys are my loves!!
I absolutely LOVE reading and writing in my spare time. With the market being what it is right now in my field of work, I have some free time to spend with a good book, my laptop and getting this blog back on track!! I am into reading mainly romance novels. Paranormal is ok, but vamps and shifters aren't really my thing. I'll leave those for Ness....she has a serious vamp fetish, but don't tell her I told you that ;) I also like a really good thriller! If it will make my little heart race with's a winner in my eyes!!
I also have a serious problem with eye candy in that I can NOT get enough!! I am hoping to sneak some very drool-worthy candidates in this place at some point. Really sex it up. I mean, who doesn't LOVE something hot and steamy to read and look at? I sure as hell do!!
So....I guess that is enough about me for now! Any questions, comments or requests....just shoot me an email! I check mine more often, lol.
I look forward to connecting with all ya and can't not wait to get started. For now, I'll leave ya all with a yummy pic of my future hubby to drool over. Just remember....he's mine so hands off! Enjoy!!!

*Sigh* That hair, those eyes...lemme tell ya, Jon Snow would know a hell of a lot more than nothing by the time I was done with him.