Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Introducing.........Lacie Mae!!!!!

So...I am a horrible blogger, but I love reading. I always post my reviews wherever I can on EVERYTHING I read. What the hell is the sense in reading a book if you aren't going to post your thoughts somewhere to help others decide, right?

Since I seem to have soooo many thoughts and not enough time to share them with my followers here, I have decided that I need some help. I have connected with the fabulous Lacie Mae and she will be joining us here to keep the posts coming that I just can not always seem to get to *hangs head in shame and goes to the corner for a time out*.

We have jointly decided to give this blog a makeover (starting with a name change to incorporate my loverly partner in crime) and start introducing some great giveaways and reviews. We may even get in some great challenges and author interviews, because I love them so, so much.

Now, I am outta here to go get some reading  housework done so I will leave you to be formally introduced to the blog-saving Lacie Mae!!!!


Hey everyone!!! Lacie here and let me tell you, I am thrilled to be. I have been dyin' to get my hands on this blog for a while now. I think it needs a little Western touch to make this exactly what Nessa's vision was meant to be! I can not wait to get started!! I have so many ideas that (I think) will be a huge improvement and give all you readers the info, and eye candy *wink, wink*, that you deserve.
First, lemme tell you a bit about myself. No one likes a stranger, right? I am a 26 year old business owner from Alberta, Canada. I am pretty unattached in my love life *read: I haven't dated in a while and named my vibrator* although I do have a very special romance going on with Jon Snow Kit Harington. It may just be in my head right now, but soon he will realize that he just can't live without me. He just doesn't know it yet!!
 I am HUGE animal lover with 3 cats, 2 dogs, an aquarium full of pretty fishes and hopefully I will be acquiring a hedgehog in the near future!! Call me the crazy pet lady. I don't care. These guys are my loves!!
I absolutely LOVE reading and writing in my spare time. With the market being what it is right now in my field of work, I have some free time to spend with a good book, my laptop and getting this blog back on track!! I am into reading mainly romance novels. Paranormal is ok, but vamps and shifters aren't really my thing. I'll leave those for Ness....she has a serious vamp fetish, but don't tell her I told you that ;) I also like a really good thriller! If it will make my little heart race with's a winner in my eyes!!
I also have a serious problem with eye candy in that I can NOT get enough!! I am hoping to sneak some very drool-worthy candidates in this place at some point. Really sex it up. I mean, who doesn't LOVE something hot and steamy to read and look at? I sure as hell do!!
So....I guess that is enough about me for now! Any questions, comments or requests....just shoot me an email! I check mine more often, lol.
I look forward to connecting with all ya and can't not wait to get started. For now, I'll leave ya all with a yummy pic of my future hubby to drool over. Just remember....he's mine so hands off! Enjoy!!!

*Sigh* That hair, those eyes...lemme tell ya, Jon Snow would know a hell of a lot more than nothing by the time I was done with him.

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