Tuesday, 25 June 2013

So, I've been in the middle of packing, and organizing, and the end of school, AND my year end at work.....sooooo I haven't been getting two seconds to myself for much blogging, reading, or....even sleeping. *Sigh* I can NOT wait until this move is done! I am dying to get a decent nights sleep in a house that doesn't look like a tornado hit it! Meh, so I have found an earlier review to share with you all today. I WILL continue with my Night Huntress read (promise) just as soon as I can sit for 5 minutes without my eyes drifting *yawn* Back to work I suppose :/

Review: Fetish by Sherri L. King

Before I get into this review too much, I want to explain that I LOVE vampire romance. One of the things I love about these, however, is that the heroine is usually a badass chick with bridges to burn. She is hot, confident, and doesn’t take any crap from anyone. This being said…I give you….

From Amazon.com

Within the walls of a high-class hedonists' club, mousy Aerin Peters will find her sexual identity amidst the confusion of her mid-life crisis...But all is not as it would seem within the walls of club Fetish. As Aerin grows closer to her fiendishly provocative escort, Violanti D'Arco, the dangers of her weekend retreats at the club become more apparent to her. She is haunted by her strange new friend and by Fetish itself. Unexplained memory lapses, an ever-growing addiction to Violanti's touch and tales of frightening sexual deviances will drive Aerin to investigate the enigmatic mystery of Fetish and its unseen owner...Aerin's love, her heart, her very life may depend upon these answers. Because at Fetish, nothing is taboo.

My Thoughts:

I have to admit, I have some serious issues with this book. It did bother me a little bit that Aerin is not the typical heroine. She is overweight, underconfident, a bit of a loner, and a 47 year old virgin. Not that I am saying that there's anything wrong with being any of the above...but I like my heroines a certain way. So this was a little strange for me. That being said, I think it's good to branch out and the thought that a curvier woman could be the lead in a book where you totally expect her to get her socks rocked in all the right was was a little refreshing...at first.

What I liked about the heroine being a sexual underdog are the same things that drove me insane throughout the book. Yes, you have no confidence. Yes, you can't believe that a sexy man-beast like Violanti would want to get with you. Oh, well...time to put your big girl panties on and get you some. Seriously, when this hot, hot man turns to her and is telling her how beautiful she is and how he can't wait to have her...she is telling him she would like to just sit and talk and that he doesn't have to feel sorry for her. Ummmm....no honey...NO!!! I don't care how badly you feel about yourself, when Hottie McHott Stuff comes up to you, is harder than steel, and tells you he can't wait to taste you....girl you go with it!!! I actually yelled out loud at her while reading some of this. I couldn't believe it.

Violanti, however, was all that I had expected. Complete and total Alpha. What more could you ask for? Sigh.

Sex? Oh there was sex. Lots of steamy, squealing, mind-niumbing sex. It was awesome. Really. Love it!!

One thing I absolutely hated, though, was that after Aerin started knocking boots with Violanti, she started changing. Granted, this might be an ugly duckling turned swan effect but it still annoyed me. She gained confidence, sure that's to be expected and it's good. She started dressing better, another good thing. Lost weight effortlessly...ummm yeah, I don't think you can lose THAT much in just a few weeks. She also made her very first close friend. Awww moment. So here's what I got outta all of this...get a good lay and all your personal problems are gone, people will like you, and you will be awesome. There was just something about all of this that I didn't really care for. I really can't quite put my finger on it...but whatever it was, it aggravates me.

For the most part, I really enjoyed the book. There were a few parts that drove me crazy, some that made me smile, and others that just plain irritated the hell outta me. Some things you just can't get your head around I guess. 

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

Thursday, 13 June 2013


From Amazon: Kathleen Donaldson is proud, 26 years old and unmarried. She's a woman of power and strength, and some even might call her sharp-tongued and bossy. That makes her an oddity in the 1800's. No matter what others think, Kathleen has adapted to her life, and most of the time she feels fulfilled and happy. But Kathleen has a secret and keeping it hidden is becoming increasingly hard to do.

Then Dr. Duncan Murdoch arrives in town. He's attractive and exotic and Kathleen feels an immediate attraction. Before she knows it, he's discovered her secret, and tells her she needs to 'spend some time with him' if she wants him to keep quiet. Kathleen knows what that means, and she's determined to find some way out of this predicament. No matter how much her own mother throws her at the gorgeous Doctor's head...or how irresistible she finds him. 

My Thoughts:

26 years old and still unmarried, Kathleen is an outcast in her time. She lives her life for herself and dances to the beat of her own drummer. A strange way for a woman to live in the 1800’s? Absolutely. What other’s don’t see, is that Kathleen has a secret that no one…not even those closest to her….would ever guess. It’s this secret that earns her a ton of one-on-one time with hottie Dr. Duncan. Duncan is new in town, single, gorgeous, and he’s a Dr….so you know he’s good with his…hands. Did I mention that he’s a hot, single, doctor? Just sayin’.

Duncan is searching desperately for the girl of his dreams. This is a man who wants to settle down, and now. But not with just anyone…oh no…he has his perfect woman all mapped out from looks to attitude. Fate has a different idea and…he finds Kathleen instead. She isn’t the one he has been dreaming about…but there is something about her that he just can’t get past. He needs to get to know her. When he discovers the secret she has been keeping…one that would get her killed if it got out…he takes advantage and trades her friendship for his silence. A little greasy of him, but an effective way to get her attention at least.

Kathleen is not the type that likes being forced to do anything, so Duncan’s blackmail of having her “spend some quality time with him” less than impresses her. Can’t really blame the girl in that way. I mean, I am all for sexy doctors wanting some attention, but if you gotta force her to be with you…not cool Dr. Hot Stuff. For the record, when Duncan says “spend time with”, that’s what he really means. No sex, no kissy, nothing like that at all. Just some old fashioned getting to know one another. What a sweet guy….good place for an “Awwww” moment I think.

I loved the storyline. Old fashioned, headstrong girl with a huge secret meets hunky newcomer doctor. Even her mother loves this guy. Match made in heaven? I think so. The characters were well done and believable. Although I wouldn’t have thought that an outcast like Kathleen would have made a good heroine, Barbara Mack makes it work.

The only thing I found about the story is that it could have been longer. This was a quick read and a novella to begin with, but I found that too much was going on in a short span. There could have been more courting going on (yes, I said courting…the book is set back in the day, so I figured…why not) and maybe a bit more conflict than there really was. A little meat added to the story would not have been minded. For a short story though, I really enjoyed it.

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

To read more about Barbara Mack's Dreaming of You, or to buy a copy yourself, visit Amazon.com

*This post was originally posted on an old blog I had operated several years ago and reposted here as I have shut down the other site* 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


As promised, I am continuing to post from my series read of Night Huntress. I Can you tell I am hoping to get everyone else as into it as I have been?



Half-vampire Catherine Crawfield is going after the undead with a vengeance, hoping that one of these deadbeats is her father—the one responsible for ruining her mother's life. Then she's captured by Bones, a vampire bounty hunter, and is forced into an unholy partnership.

In exchange for finding her father, Cat agrees to train with the sexy night stalker until her battle reflexes are as sharp as his fangs. She's amazed she doesn't end up as his dinner—are there actually good vampires? Pretty soon Bones will have her convinced that being half-dead doesn't have to be all bad. But before she can enjoy her newfound status as kick-ass demon hunter, Cat and Bones are pursued by a group of killers. Now Cat will have to choose a side . . . and Bones is turning out to be as tempting as any man with a heartbeat.

What can I say, I was absolutely hooked from beginning to end with this one! I could hardly out the damn thing down to eat or sleep. Cat is my favorite type of heroine...Bad Ass!! As a half-breed with a serious hate for vampire kind, she is definitely one of a kind. She hunts vampires with skill and meaning, bringing a "don't mess with me" attitude and sarcastic humor along for the ride. This chick means business from day 1. Love it!!

When Bones finds her, it is like night and day. I mean, these two get along like a house on fire. Instead of killing each other (which is kind of what they both want to do) they decide to work together and Bones trains her until she turns into the amazingly awesome Red Reaper. If you thought she kicked ass before she knew what she was doing....watch out! She is dangerous as hell now with her hotter than hot vampire counter part. Is it really any wonder that the two of them would eventually "click"?

I loved everything about this book. A definite page turner that keeps you interested from beginning to end. I absolutely LOVE the sarcastic humor that both Bones and Cat display throughout the novel. It just makes them seem so real to me!!

To sum it up....humor, action, strong as hell female lead, sexy as hell male lead and tons of sexual tension leading up to...well...great sex. All this  equals an amazing read that I fully recommend to anyone. Frost does NOT disappoint and makes you die to get your hands on the next in the series. Speaking of....I think it's about time to get into:


Can't wait :)

Monday, 10 June 2013


In true OCD fashion, I have decided to start my reading of the Night Huntress series by beginning with the short story prequel: Reckoning


In New Orleans, a pair of undead serial killers are about to turn Mardi Gras into a horror show - UNLESS the immortal hitman Bones can hunt them down first. 

This was a fun little story that takes place before Bones meets Cat. I have to tell you, as much as I think the two of them go together like a house on fire, it was refreshing to get a little more information on the super hot British vamp sans his Kitten. We see his fun side, his fierceness, and his great love of the ladies...in this case, the helpless hairdresser, Becca.

Bones is hired as an assassin to get rid of a couple serial killer ghouls....Delphine and Louis LaLaurie. The cool thing about this particular duo (at least in my mind anyway), is that back in the 1800's Madame Delphine LaLaurie was a killer. This chick was viciously famous for her treatment of her slaves in new Orleans. Just a little history lesson for you. I thought the mix between fact and fiction was a BRILLIANT pull by Jeaniene. 

In true Mardi Gras spirit, this story is fast paced, exciting, and full of surprises. I only wished I would have discovered this before ever setting eyes the Night Huntress series. For those who have already fallen in love with Bones, this novella will shed some light on a few details I am sure you have wondered about (Platinum blond hair color? Yes....we find out why!) and allows you to love our favorite Brit out in the world on his own. Anyone who has not delved into Jeaniene Frost's thrilling series......definitely start here! It will give you a whole new appreciation for what is to come. 

I completely think this is a great quick read and definitely would recommend to everyone who follows Cat and Bones. Also great as a beginning series read as it leads right into the next in line: 

**For those interested in getting some background on the LaLauries, definitely check the story out here. Even creepier when the truth comes out of the tale**


If there is anything I love in this world, it is a great Paranormal read. Hot, sexy vampire men. Strong, sarcastic leading ladies. Plots thick enough to stand on, and let's not forget the steamy "behind the scenes" scenes that leave us needing a cold shower. Author Jeaniene Frost has given us all of this and more in her Night Huntress series. 

Now, I discovered, and started, this series a long time ago but life has it's way of getting to you and I never got to finish. I hate that. Damn you life, damn you! So, now that I am finding some spare time here and there, I have decided to make Cat and Bones my priority read. How I have missed them. I am starting from the beginning and going straight through the list in reading order (how organized am I?). 

If you are looking for the reading order of these great reads, you can find them here. I am including the anthologies as well as the novels in this series read so I can get the full experience I never made it to last time 'round. Reviews will be posted per book. Can't wait!!!!